Duetica Annual Membership

Duetica Annual Membership

The Duetica™ Lettering Arts Studio is an amazing new electronic arts program that allows you to create beautiful designs with text, crafting lettering that has all the energy and style of hand-lettered art.  You access the Duetica Lettering Arts Studio online.  There is no software to install.


The studio also includes an art bin to store your designs, online spell checker to check your work, and can output to a printer via your browser, cut and paste text into Microsoft Word, as well as create images for use with Photoshop.  Note: this application requires you to have a browser with flash player version 10. 


The patent-pending Duetica platform allows you to change the appearance of your letters quickly and easily as you type.  The annual membership is good for 12 months. 


Price: $14.00

Product Code: DS365


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