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We are a couple of former Mattel Toy designers and marketers that are always looking for new ways to inject fun and creativity into people’s lives.  Scrapbooking, crafts and hobbies are some of our favorite places to play.  For the past dozen years, we have worked with a number of the major manufacturers in the craft industry, assisting them with new product development and marketing strategies.

The Duetica Lettering Arts Studio is our latest bright idea.  The concept came about when we could not find a stamp or rub on that said exactly what we wanted it to say.  We thought, hey, why don’t we just type it on the computer, but even with all our existing fonts, we could not capture the vibrancy for the text we desired.  This was because with standard computer fonts, every time you press a key, you keep getting the exact same look for the letter.  Out of this need, the Duetica Lettering Arts platform was born.  We’ve created a fast and fun new way to work with fonts. Now you can create lettering art that captures all the beauty and personality of a professional designer, right on your computer screen simply by tapping on your keyboard. 

Be creative and have fun!

Mark and Adrienne DiCamillo, Founders


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