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The Duetica Lettering Arts Studio is a new platform that allows you to work with fonts in ways never before imagined.  Once a member of the Studio, you will have full access to its unique capabilities.  Our powerful, patent-pending technology alters your font selections as you type -- in place, right on your computer screen, just by tapping on your keyboard.   In the Boutique you can purchase a Duetica Lettering Arts Studio membership as well as exciting new Duetica Type fonts.

Latest Products

Neenah Solar White 80# Paper 25pk
The perfect paper for cards and invitation.

DT Woodwynds
The DT Woodwynds™ font is like a symphony of type. Each character is embellished with vibrant vines that grow, twist and turn. This font truly comes to life as you type.

DT Saxi
You can hear the saxophone's melody straining through your lettering designs. The DT Saxi™ font adds some creative sass to your work.

DT Mandolyn 2
This curvaceous cursive font allows your lettering art to take flight.  The Mandolyn™ 2 font is perfect for formal invitations and complements the Mandolyn 1 font.

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